Meet the ASU Student Bloggers

Below are the ASU Student bloggers for the fall 2015 term:

WolnikEmily Wolnik
ISA: French Language & Liberal Arts at the Catholic University of Paris
Fall 2015 Partnership Program

Hello, readers!  My name is Emily Wolnik, I’m 20 years old, and a senior at ASU.  I am pursuing my BS in anthropology and will be graduating upon my return from studying abroad.  Anthropology promotes the discovery and understanding of humans, so what better way for myself to appreciate people and culture, than studying abroad!  I’m interested in forensic anthropology, and after spending my summer volunteering at the Office of the Medical Examiner, it’s safe to say I am willing to throw myself to any situation, and love adventure.  I am spending this fall in Paris, which I arguably believe to be the most beautiful city in Europe.  I am excited to further develop my French skills and explore the city itself, as well as its people and culture!  Read along as I leave home for the first time, overcome my ineffectiveness with directions, and learn how to be a Parisian!


Katie Schwartz
Semester at Sea
Fall 2015 Partnership Program

Hello readers! My name is Katie and I live in Vancouver, WA. I’m currently studying online to obtain my bachelor’s degree in English. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing for as long as I can remember, and I hope to eventually turn both of these hobbies into a career. Another passion I’ve always had is traveling. I’ve always wanted to see the world and explore different countries, cultures, and food.
When I came upon Semester at Sea a few years ago, I was blown away by all the amazing opportunities I had available to me for studying abroad. I could travel to over 10 countries on a ship with hundreds of other students over the span of 100 days-all the while attending class in between ports. There was an incredible amount of variety in which places I could choose from, as the spring and fall sessions travel to different parts of the world for each voyage. Did I want an adventure through Asia? Europe? Africa? South America? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! I chose the best adventure yet, which includes port stops in all of these incredible places. My ports include: England, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Brazil, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and Costa Rica. Some of these countries have more than one port, and I’ll be spending up to a week in each place.
I can’t wait to immerse myself into other cultures. Although I’ll only get a taste of each country, I plan to learn and experience as much as I can. I have never traveled alone, or been without my family for more than a week or two, so that will be a challenge for me. I’m excited to grow as a beneficial and constructive human, and grow personally within, and learn more about myself as an individual. I’m even more excited to share all of these journeys with you all.
Wish me luck, Sun Devils!


Miranda Tomlinson
ISA: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines at the University of Westminster
Fall 2015 Partnership Program

What’s up everybody?! My name is Miranda Tomlinson and I’m a junior at ASU studying sports broadcast journalism at the Downtown Phoenix campus. I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio but decided that Phoenix just wasn’t far enough away so I’m studying abroad in London, England. I am taking a semester off of Journalism to actually study London as my related area to really immerse myself in the culture. I’ll be traveling Europe on the weekends and plan on telling you guys all about my spontaneous adventures. Stay tuned!



Kelsey Miller
ISA: Health Care Courses in English & Medical Spanish at Veritas University
Fall 2015 Partnership Program

Hello readers, my name is Kelsey Miller and I am studying abroad in Costa Rica. This semester I will be taking classes in health care and Spanish, I am also hoping to adventure around Costa Rica as much as possible and perhaps volunteer at a local hospital. I have spent the past month backpacking through other countries in Central America and it has been the best month of my life. Central America continues to amaze me, so I look forward to seeing what Costa Rica has in store for me.
A little bit about me: I obviously love to travel, so far I have been to Italy, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, and now Costa Rica. I have been taking Spanish for a couple years and love learning it, even though I am extremely shy using it. I have two dogs that I love more than anything else in this world. I also love to hike and go for runs, looking forward to hiking some crazy volcanoes here in Central America. Outside of going to school for nursing, I work at a movie theatre. And yes, I do get free movies and popcorn, it is amazing! Other than that I am a big fan of food and can’t wait to try all kinds of new foods in Costa Rica, so far they haven’t disappointed in other parts of Central America. The next three months are going to be an amazing, crazy, unforgettable journey that I am so happy to experience!

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